Children’s Magic Shows

Picture7Planning a kids’ magic party and want the best magical entertainer? Well, you have found him!
Magician Scott Hollingsworth welcomes you to a fun-filled kids’ magic show created especially for your child’s party.

The Perfect Show for your party!


Children’s Magician Scott Hollingsworth offers four types of children’s magic shows. Each is completely self-contained and can be performed in any indoor venue. All shows last 35-45 minutes, which is the ideal time for youngsters’ attention spans.
Scott-with-PuffEvery child loves a magic birthday party! Even more so if it features a real live magic show with high-energy, eye-popping, jaw-dropping entertainment by a kid-friendly magician. Select a package deal that works best for you.
The Birthday Magic Show is 35-45 minutes in length, although it can be customized to fit your time schedule. The show is designed for a lot of fun and interactive magic. The birthday child will be the star of the show. The birthday child will assist in several routines and feel special being the “celebrity” of the party.

Picture2Master Magician Scott Hollingsworth brings his “Bright Star Magic Class” to your party. This one hour program is ideal when the party size is under twenty. The children will learn magic that is age appropriate and easy–to-do. Most of all, they will have fun while they experience the joy of learning. Each of the children will go home from your party with magic tricks and routines that they can perform to impress their parents and friends.

Linking-Rings-blue-frameThis children’s party combo is great when the party is not on a rigid time schedule. It includes a 30-minute fun-filled magic show followed by a 60-minute Bright Star Magic class workshop. The magic workshop, for up to ten children, includes a take-home magic bag for each child with 5 cool, easy-to-do magic tricks and personal hands-on instructions. The children will be proud to take home the magic tricks they have learned to entertain their parents and friends.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]The children’s Funtastic Magic Show is intended for schools, large groups of children, summer camps, scout meetings, and church groups. It includes tons of audience participation, interactive tricks and routines that keep everyone entranced with one magical feat after another. The kids will laugh! They will love the magic! They will applaud! They will remember the party — and the adults will be amazed and baffled too!

Make your reservations today – Don’t be disappointed; reserve your special date and time. You and your quests will be treated to a world of magic, delight, and fun

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